Eric Mr. Eagle 2024



Mr. Eagle NYC 2024

Eric (he/him/his) is the founding member of a gay-owned and operated company, headquartered in NYC, specializing in the design and development of adult merchandise. After nearly a decade of account management at a national insurance carrier, Eric and his partner established the lifestyle brand, Skunky Punk, in 2018; committed to creating products that promote fun, free, and uninhibited lifestyles to fellow kinksters around the world.

Beyond entrepreneurship, Eric is also an educator; proficient in numerous coding languages that span between physical computing and digital devices. He has been enlisted as a teaching assistant at New York’s General Assembly as a Swift Apple developer and is also a frequent guest lecturer on digital design and development at NYU’s School of Journalism.

While proud of his accomplishments, it is not without a tremendous amount of gratitude he extends to the LGBT recovery community. After 15 long years of a mental obsession and physical compulsion for mind-altering substances, he was saved from the depths of severe addiction. Narrowly escaping death, through unwavering commitment, Eric emerged with a renewed sense of determination to face any challenge head-on. Eternally grateful for the love and support of his fellows within our community, Eric continues to navigate the path to recovery one day at a time; embracing a fulfilling life, free from the chains of addiction and abuse.

As both a Proud Leatherman and Pup Handler, Eric is committed to a lifestyle of kink by dedicating his resources to community and education, all the while standing strong with a positive attitude and welcoming smile; a true testament to resilience and the endless possibility of transformation with a promise of a brighter tomorrow.