Joseph Macchia

Mr. Eagle NYC 2018

Joseph was born and raised in NYC. Seven years ago he walked into The Eagle and knew he found a home and a safe place. He began his leather journey in 2014 when he competed for the Mr. Eagle title. Joseph is into rope bondage, flogging, and CBT. Having worn many hats, he has been in the entertainment industry for 20 years, booking acts and producing shows.  He volunteers for Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS and has raised funds for them. Twelve years ago Joseph decided to work with Children living with HIV & AIDS. He met a little boy who was living with HIV, AIDS and Cerebral Palsy. He was in need of a new motorized wheelchair and government agencies had failed him. It was then that Joseph founded “Help Is On The Way Today,” a not-for-profit that helps babies, children, and youth living with HIV & AIDS. A cancer survivor, Joseph is uniquely qualified to speak about its awareness. He lives his life with one belief; it does not take money or fame to make a difference “Just A Voice And A Belief.” His journey continues.

John John Punki

Mr. Eagle NYC 2017

John-John, Mr. Eagle NYC 2017 is a Puerto Rican/ Sicilian Native New Yorker. He was the first Mr. Rockbear NYC. He was introduced to the leather community in 2011 by Onyx NY/Northeast, a leather and kink organization for gay, bisexual,  transgender men of color where he held the president role in 2014.  He is currently a member of B.U.I.L.T Brothers United in Leather Together. He’s a member of Mama’s Family and holds the Mama’s Ball of Fire name.

He served on the committee of Leather Pride Night NYC from 2012 through 2014 where he helped to raise money for homeless youth, the transgender community, and the NYC Pride Parade. “Nothing for us, without us!” That’s the motto John-John likes to live by, ensuring that all community members are included in whatever moves are made.


Mr. Eagle NYC 2016

Manskins NYC Gear Consultant, Gear Thursdays Barber and leather man since 2006. 

Underneath the sash is a loving husband, talented hairdresser, Brooklyn’s finest son and Hell’s Kitchen resident. Avid supporter of HIV/Aids education, he does all he can to support the HIV Smart Campaign. Proud member of Team Eagle, also supporting The LGBT Center for Cycle For The Cause. He believes in “love and service” to be a resource in his main goal not just as Mr. Eagle, but as a member of his community. Happiest on the dance floor. Loves to travel. He’s fully aware that he’s been referring to himself in the third person this entire time. You get the sense he does this a lot. I wouldn’t pay it much mind though. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and absolutely insists on enjoying life…and he thinks you should too!

Boy Laney

Mr. Eagle NYC 2015

Living on Long Island since 1992, Boy Laney moved to New York from West Texas after meeting his partner Bruce. Raised on a cotton/peanut farm, he is proud of his heritage while considering himself a New Yorker at heart.

In the 80s and 90s, Boy Laney worked with those living with AIDS as an IV Home Care Nurse. Since then, Boy Laney has dedicated his life to community work benefitting various organizations that support people living with HIV/AIDS.  Although the atmosphere of HIV/AIDS has changed over the past decade, he continues his work with his new focus on the addition of PREP to the HIV battle.

Cee Jay

Mr. Eagle NYC 2014

After relocating to New York from Tennessee in 2010, Cee Jay began to explore his interest in leather. While attending Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend in 2011, he soon pledged to ONYX NY Northeast.  Since then, CEE Jay has served as chapter president and assistant pledge master.  He also serves as an executive committee member of NYC’s Leather Pride Night, an associate member of the New York Boys of Leather (NYBOL).

Cee Jay considers himself to be on the third stage of his leather journey.  The first stage was about learning about the community and exploring to see where he fit in.  The second stage was about establishing relationships/mentorships and his current stage involves continuing the first two, while being a mentor to those interested in being a part of the community.  Cee Jay enjoys rope bondage, spanking/flogging and biting. His leather mantra is “Not everyone will understand your journey.  That’s fine. It’s not their journey to make sense of. It’s yours.”

Arsenio Amadis

Mr. Eagle NYC 2013

Arsenio Amadis, Mr. Eagle 2013 was born in Westchester, New York, and raised between Puerto Rico and NYC. Arsenio has been an active member of the gay community in NYC for over 20 years.

After being diagnosed HIV positive and 20 years later, he is taking action.  Arsenio is currently working on his foundation to raise money for agencies that provide services to the LGBTQ. “I will spread awareness, comfort, hope to those infected and affected by this disease.”  As a member of TEAM EAGLE, he participated in Cycling For The Cause. A 300 mile bike ride that benefits the LGBTQ Center in NYC.  He has pledged to help those organizations, that helped him. “I am alive today because of these organizations.

A.C. Demidont

Mr. Eagle NYC 2012

A.C. Demidont is an infectious diseases/HIV Medicine Physician at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center’s Center for Comprehensive Care. Drawing from several life-changing experiences as an undergraduate in Pennsylvania, A.C. developed a passion for HIV medicine. After finishing residency in 2005, A.C. moved to NYC and worked at Callen-Lorde Community Health Center for 4 years. He is an active member of the HIV medicine community in both New York and Philadelphia.

A.C. has been involved in the leather community since 2003. As Mr. Eagle, A.C. worked with two community service organizations which are very close to his heart.  One is the Ali Forney Center: A program that provides housing for homeless LGBT teens. The second is the Gay Men’s Health Crisis, a leader in the fight against HIV.  

CB Kirby

Mr. Eagle NYC 2011

CB Kirby, Mr. Eagle NYC 2011 was born and raised on an Illinois farm.  He eventually made his way to New York via Florida.

He was a founding member and the first secretary for Central Florida Trident Leather. He has become an active member in the Gay and Leather community since moving to New York City. CB is an active member of Team Eagle, participating in Braking The Cycle, a three day, 275-mile bike ride that supports the HIV/AIDS services of The LGBT Center. He is also an associate member of New York Boys of Leather.

Mentoring is an important part of who CB is and you will often find him mentoring the young and new in the leather and gay communities.

Preacher Cassadine

Mr. Eagle NYC 2010

Preacher arrived in New York City in 1990. After showing up at the Spike in a suit and tie after an audition, he went home and started shopping for leather right away.

During his title year, preacher attended many leather events and held a fundraiser for Callen-Lorde Community Health Center.  He was also at hand to help with a Jail-N-Bail and The Lambda event for The Atlanta Eagle.

Jake Keary

Mr. Eagle NYC 2009

Jake Keary was born and raised in NYC. He started his leather journey while hanging out out at The Lure and The (old) Eagle.

After moving to LA in 2003, he returned to New York in January 2005.  He found himself at The Eagle on the first night he was back in town.

Jake has been a board member since the inception of The New York Boys of Leather in 2005, and has participate in many fundraising events. He supports The Friends In Deed Foundation and their work, providing support to those with a life-altering illness.

Peter Schwartz

Mr. Eagle NYC 2008

Peter Schwartz was Born in 1967 in Mohegan Lake, New York. He finally settled in New York City at the age of 22.

He now calls the West Village home where he lives with his partner Rick. And is a proud parent to Rick’s two children.

Peter is an active member of NYC’s Gay & Leather Community.  In 2003, he rode his first Braking The Cycle, a 3-day bike ride that benefits the HIV/AIDS service of The LGBT Center, and has helped the cause ever since.

Rick Weber

Mr. Eagle NYC 2007

Rick Weber was born in 1967 and raised outside of North East Philadelphia in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania.  He has two children, a daughter and a son.

In February 2004, he signed up for Braking The Cycle, a 3-day bike ride that supports the HIV/AIDS services of The LGBT Center. In September 2006, he and his partner completed their third ride, raising over $17,000 for the services of The LGBT Center.

The journey to becoming Mr. Eagle began in 2005 when he competed in the Mr. Eagle NYC contest. That year he was placed 2nd out of 7 contestants.

Christophe André

Mr. Eagle NYC 2006

Christophe’s first time at The Eagle NYC was back in 1991.  Once inside, he knew had found his new home…a leather bar for men!

One of Christophe’s main goals as Mr. Eagle NYC 2006 was to educate a younger generation about the risks of unsafe sex.  His brother and over 15 of his close friends have lost their battles with AIDS.

Christophe felt that it was time to reintroduce AIDS awareness. He delved into and talked about NYU HIV Vaccine Study, a study testing an experimental, preventative HIV vaccine. As an HIV-negative man, Christophe enrolled himself in the study. “It’s time we spread the word and not the disease.”  He wants everyone to “roll up your sleeves and join the fight against AIDS.”

Robert Valin

Mr. Eagle NYC 2005

NYC’s leather community has been an inherent part of Robert’s history since he stepped foot into The Eagle’s doors back in 1982.

A third generation New Yorker and son of a NYPD officer from the Bronx, Robert grew up roaming the city streets on the back of his father’s Harley. His grandmother grew up in the 20s, amongst the speakeasies of prohibition-era Harlem.

A stage actor and singer by trade, Robert is a professional voice over artist for radio, television, and film.  And was honored to represent The Eagle Bar and New York, especially at IML in Chicago.

Brian Kent

Mr. Eagle NYC 2004

Brian Kent has been involved in the New York leather community since moving to NYC in the late 90s.

He was honored to represent New York City and The Eagle in 2004.

Brian is a professional singer and kickboxing instructor, performing across the country.

He currently lives in San Francisco.

Mike Tully

Mr. Eagle NYC 2003

Mike Tully is originally from Ohio. He worked for a major music chain for many years. Was married and has two sons.

Two weeks after divorcing in 1998, he met a visiting NYPD cop. They’ve been together since.

When a job opportunity working for a music distributor in NYC came up, he moved here, returning his partner to his native NYC.

Mike and his partner Paul are involved in many volunteer organizations and charitable events including The Gay Officers Action League.

David Karidis

Mr. Eagle NYC 2002

David lives in Stamford, CT with his partner Nelson and is the father of three adult children: Michael, Lisa, and Steven.

The former vice-president of The Hartford Colts, MC, David stays active in the leather community, participating in fundraisers for NCSF and the AIDS project New Haven (CT).

Professionally, David is a linguist, having receiving his master’s in Linguistics from the University of Athens, Greece. He is fluent in 12 languages and makes his living as a professional translator.