Mr. Eagle 2020

Michael Jeavons

Mr. Eagle NYC 2020

With one eye on our past, another on the future and always seeking opportunities to be a bridge between the two, Proud Leatherman, Real Estate Professional and Seeker-of-all-things-fun, Michael, your Mr Eagle NYC for 2020, has arrived and is ready to serve.

Whether it’s volunteering for, hosting fundraisers, contributing to community events, supporting the efforts of fellow community members, cycling 300+ miles each in both the Cycle for the Cause and Braking AIDS ride and pretty much anything else he can do to make a contribution, the opportunity to give back is definitely something that drives his life.

From his early leather days in Philadelphia to the more recent ones in NYC, he can always be counted upon to lend his voice, a hand and pretty much whatever else is needed (yep, you heard that right) for the support, betterment and enrichment of the Community. Why? Because he believes that through the joyful service of others he both finds himself and feeds his soul.

Yeah…you may have seen him around and that is no accident. Everywhere he goes, fearlessly living his daily life, clad in some form of the fetish which he has adapted to exude his own personal point-of-view, Michael seeks to show the world, and maybe even inspire all he encounters along the way, that we all have the right and power to courageously be, and or pursue absolutely ANYTHING we desire. Always reminding himself, over and over, that if he wants the world to change for the better -the first move must be his and that in order to be surprised by the people around him, he must give them the chance and opportunity to do so.

Stand up, be seen, demand respect, believe in your voice and seek to always be of service. This is what a life in leather means to him.