Thom Kam

Mr. Eagle NYC 2019

Originally from Honolulu, Thom got his earliest exposures to the leather world in the mid-70s in San Francisco and then after moving to New York in early 80s. He fully embraced being a quiet but recognized member of the NY leather scene in 2005.

He’s a veteran cyclist of more a dozen AIDS rides across 6 states and a founding member of Team Eagle NYC which since 2007 has raised more than a million dollars for HIV/AIDS programs at The LGBT Center NYC.

His professional careers have taken him to Broadway, Carnegie Hall, the advertising and financial sectors.

Through the years he’s volunteered his time to the GMHC AidsWalk, The Trevor Project and more recently committed himself as an active member of the SAGE Friendly Visitor program. His focus is shifting to include creating programs that generate mutually beneficial support and learnings between the elderly and the young in our gay and leather communities.