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John-John Punki

Mr. Eagle NYC 2017

John-John, Mr. Eagle NYC 2017 is a Puerto Rican/ Sicilian Native New Yorker. He was the first Mr. Rockbear NYC.

John-John was introduced to the leather community in 2011 by Onyx NY/Northeast, a leather and kink organization for gay, bisexual, and transgender men of color where he held the president role in 2014.  He is currently a member of B.U.I.L.T Brothers United in Leather Together. He’s a member of Mama’s Family and holds the Mama’s Ball of Fire name.

He served on the committee of Leather Pride Night NYC from 2012 through 2014 where he helped to raise money for homeless youth, the transgender community, and the NYC Pride Parade.

“Nothing for us, without us!” That’s the motto John-John likes to live by, ensuring that all community members are included in whatever moves are made.